Board Self-Audit

Board Self Audit

board-self-auditBoard of Directors, regardless whether they preside over profit or non-profit organizations, know that it is necessary to step back and evaluate themselves and their operations.  Often, outside consulting organizations can provide third-party objectivity, opinions and input.

This self audit provides the ability for the boards of private clubs to take stock of their respective operations. This comprehensive form is the outgrowth of thousands of privileged conversations with club boards, search communities and managers. Its fundamental purpose is to provide club boards–of all types and sizes–with a standard and comprehensive structure by which to assess their club’s overall condition.

This self audit allows each director to report his or her own judgment about the club. Following these independent assessments, the president may elect to compile a composite of the results.

The five main sections of the questionnaire are:

  • Club Governance
  • Financial Analysis
  • Club Operations
  • Membership
  • Human Resources

The self-audit contains 87 questions that apply equally to city, athletic, country, yacht or golf clubs and allows the board to take a look at more precise areas of particular interest or concern. This self-audit is available digitally through this website for $425.

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