Platinum Clubs

Platinum Clubs of America

Platinum Clubs® of America status in the Private Club industry has been the most revered since the franchise was established in 1997. Over the years, the criteria has been updated to be relevant and adapt to changing times in the industry. Most recently the categories for selection were reviewed by the Advisory Board and due to the lack of new residential communities being developed, the Residential Community category was combined with the Country Club category. The other categories that comprise Platinum Clubs of America are Golf, City, Athletic and Yacht Clubs.

The biennial vote takes place in the Fall of even years and is conducted over a 90-day period. A preliminary ballot is circulated to Private Club Managers around the country who have the opportunity to nominate additional Clubs to appear on the final ballot. Once complete, the final ballot is distributed to Club Managers, Presidents and Owners of America’s finest Private Clubs.

The Seven Selection Criteria, as approved by the Advisory Board, are:

  1. Universal Recognition
  2. Excellence in Amenities and Facilities
  3. Caliber of Staff and Professional Service Levels
  4. Quality and Committment of Membership
  5. Governance & Prudent Fiscal Management
  6. Adapting to Changing Times
  7. Overall Experience

Voters are asked to consider these criteria when casting their votes and points are awarded for rankings determined from each ballot. The points system was carefully developed to ensure that the most accurate election results are produced.

Platinum Clubs of the World

Platinum Clubs® of The World was launched in 2013 and is considered the sister to Platinum Clubs® of America. There are a few differences in the selection process and categories between Platinum Clubs® of America and Platinum Clubs® of The World, although both were founded by the legendary John Sibbald and are orchestrated by Club leaders Forum, under the guidance of the Advisory Board.

Platinum Clubs® of the World elects Golf & Country Clubs, City Clubs beginning in 2017 and Yacht Clubs in 2019. The vote takes place in odd years with Selection Criteria that differs from Platinum Clubs® of America. The Seven Selection Criteria, as approved by the Advisory Board, are:

  1. Universal Recognition
  2. A Respected Membership
  3. Excellence in Amenities and Facilities
  4. Exceptional Service Standards
  5. Adapting to Changing Times
  6. Management and Operations
  7. The Overall Experience

Platinum Clubs® of the World are elected by a Panel of Golf Connoisseurs and Private Club industry experts from 19 countries, who cast their votes utilizing the Seven Selection Criteria. The point system to tabulate the votes is similar to that used for Platinum Clubs of America, but revised to be specific to Platinum Clubs of the World.

Platinum Clubs® has often been referred to as the “Michelin Star of Private Clubs”. When Jay DiPietro, General Manager of Boca West Country Club, was asked about the benefits of being elected as a Platinum Club of America, he said, “We are proud to be recognized as a Platinum Club of America. Knowing how special it is to be voted a Platinum Club instills a sense of pride for the Board, Members and the Staff alike.”