The Vote

The Voting Points System

The vote is conducted electronically and confidentially through a third party, with the results certified as true and correct. Points are awarded by the position and ranking that a Panelist assigns to each Club. The total number of points is calculated and divided by the number of Panelists who have visited a Club to determine a final points score. A Club must receive a minimum of 15 votes to be elected a Platinum Club® of the World 2018-2019.

Golf and Country Clubs  (100 Platinum Clubs) and City Clubs (100 Platinum Clubs)
Top 1-3 (100 points), 4-10 (85 points),  11–25 (70 points), 26–50 (60 points), 51–75 (50 points), 76–100 (40 points), 101–150 (20 points), 151–200 (10 points), 201–250 (5 points), 251 and above (0 points).