How the Platinum Clubs of the World are Selected

Platinum Clubs® of the World accept applications from Clubs around the World as well as recommendations from the Panel to appear on a Preliminary Ballot. This Ballot is sent out to the Panel for review in advance of the vote which takes place every two years (odd years). The Panel then has the opportunity to recommend additions or deletions in assembling the Final Ballot. Only Private Golf, Country and City Clubs are eligible for consideration for Platinum Clubs of the World status.

After receiving recommendations from the Panel, Club Leaders Forum distributes the Final Ballot. Panel Members are asked to vote for each Club on the Ballot that they have visited, considering the Platinum Clubs of the World Six Selection Criteria, as approved by the Club Leaders Forum Advisory Board. The Panel may amend their vote as many times as they wish during the 30-day voting period.

The vote is conducted electronically and confidentially through a third party. Points are awarded by the position and ranking that the Panelist assigns to each Club. The total number of points is calculated and divided by the total number of Panelists who have visited a Club to determine the final points score.

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100 Golf and Country Clubs are announced in their order of ranking as the Platinum Clubs of the World 2018-2019 and the next 75 are listed alphabetically with an Honorable Mention. In the first election of City Clubs, the Top 100 Clubs are published in alphabetical order with 75 clubs receiving and Honorable Mention.

The Six Selection Criteria for Platinum Clubs of the World

    Tradition, history and heritage are the foundation of the most prestigious Clubs around the world. Newer Clubs may be universally recognized by global travelers and society alike as demonstrating the highest standards in their operating procedures, membership and preeminence. All Clubs shall embrace tradition formulated over time or newly forged and have an international allure that makes them stand apart from all others in their respective areas of the world.
    Great Clubs display an element of distinction and offer its Members outstanding facilities and amenities. They endeavor to provide the finest Member experience while keeping pace with deferred maintenance and capital upgrades. New amenities should be developed to satisfy today’s Members and attract future Members.
    Evaluation of a Platinum Club begins as Members and Guests arrive at the Club and ends upon departure. The experience between arrival and departure is the most important factor. A key to delivering a memorable experience is the professional Staff and unparalleled service levels that exceed Member and Guest expectations. Staff development is critical and there must be mutual respect between Club Members and the Employees.
    The foundation of all fine Private Clubs are the Members and admission procedures. Members must take pride and responsibility in their Club and its distinctive culture. Members foster camaraderie within the Club and form lasting business and social relationships with one another. Members are expected to demonstrate respect for the traditions of the Club and attract prospective new Members who share these ideals.
    Every great institution and organization requires clear and decisive leadership. Clubs must be managed in a manner that stimulates a distinctive Private Club culture. Regardless if Clubs are governed by an individual or a Board, the requirement for consistent and strong Governance at the highest level remains. Club Management is required to implement the policies and procedures as developed and approved by the Club’s Governance. Golf and Country Clubs are required to respect the governing bodies of the game and encourage growth through its supervision of programs.
    Excellent Clubs strive to anticipate their membership’s changing needs, interests and evolution. These Clubs have a strategic plan for change; adopting a mission statement that clearly addresses who they are and where they wish to be through the ages. They maintain the sanctity of their history and are flexible enough to evolve with the changing times.