Platinum Clubs of the World 2020-21

Platinum Clubs® of The World was launched in 2011 to address the growth of Private Clubs in emerging markets and to acknowledge Excellence in all aspects of Clubs, management operations and governance around the world. The 2020-21 election marks the fourth biennial election for Platinum Clubs of the World. This year, the Club Leaders Forum Advisory Board approved some exciting new categories for Clubs that will receive Platinum designation.

The Top 50 Platinum Yacht Clubs of the World have been elected for the first time, demonstrating how truly global the yachting lifestyle has become. The Advisory Board also approved the addition of two regional categories: Platinum Clubs of Asia-Pacific and Platinum Clubs of Europe. Both fall under the Golf & Country Club category.

Platinum status has been regarded as the pinnacle of recognition in Private Clubs in the United States for more than 20 years. It has now established a position of great respect throughout the elite Private Clubs worldwide. Universally, Platinum Clubs is compared to a Michelin Star awarded to the finest restaurants, or an Academy Award, coveted by filmmakers and actors alike.

The Platinum Clubs of the World election awards Platinum designation to the Top 100 Golf & Country Clubs, Top 100 City Clubs and Top 50 Yacht Clubs of the World. The Regional awards in Asia-Pacific and Europe who join the Platinum family will continue to elevate standards and the experience at the world’s finest Private Clubs.

Clubs that fall within three points of the Top 100 Golf & Country Clubs outside of Asia-Pacific and Europe are awarded an Honorable Mention, as are the City Clubs that fall within three points of the Top 100 City Clubs. The same process is used to elect the Honorable Mentions in the Yacht Club category.

The esteemed Panel appointed to elect the Platinum Clubs of the World comprises industry leaders, connoisseurs, historians, journalists and experts who recognize Excellence in Private Clubs. Voting is confidential and managed by a third party with the results certified as true and correct before publication.

The increased number of “top 100 courses in the world” lists published over the last decade has made them less relevant and eroded their credibility. Many “top 100 golf course” lists are internet and commercially driven as magazines award top 100 status to courses that advertise. Personal agendas drive others.

The election of Platinum Clubs of the World is a transparent process, managed by a third party with the results certified. The Panel is asked to utilize the Seven Selection Criteria when casting their confidential vote. Platinum Clubs excel in all areas of their operation, not just the golf course or food quality. The process covers the gamut of the Seven Selection Criteria, which culminates in a vote for the overall experience