About Platinum Clubs of America


Platinum Clubs® of America

Launched in 1997 by Club Leaders Forum, Platinum Clubs® of America was revitalized in 2014. Over the past two decades, Platinum Clubs has earned the reputation as the most respected recognition in Private Club Excellence. The inspiration for the concept came from John Sibbald who continued to hear Clubs profess “they were the best”. Mr Sibbald developed Platinum Clubs of America to allow Private Club Managers, Presidents and Owners to make that distinction.

The World is intrigued by rankings in every aspect of human life. However, most rankings address a single aspect that includes; best golf course, best restaurant or best spa. The election that culminates in the Platinum Clubs of America requests that respondents consider multiple aspects of Private Clubs, using the Seven Selection Criteria. Simply being the site of a PGA event or enjoying a great golf course does not necessarily warrant a Clubs inclusion in the elite list of Platinum Clubs.

The body that elects Platinum Clubs of America will remain unchanged as CMAA Managers, Club Presidents and Owners are invited to participate in the electronic survey every two years. This group comprises the most informed and respected group to select the best Private Clubs in America.

While the Platinum choice is demanding; it is empowering as well. For Staff members and the Board, the challenge of being the “best” gives new meaning to the Club’s mission in addition to the pride felt in this high recognition awarded by one’s peers.

So, why is earning recognition as a Platinum Club notable? The answer is two-fold. First of all, every Club Member wants to believe that he or she belongs to the best Club in the area. Highly respected prospective Members are always attracted to the “Best” Clubs. Secondly, identifying the premier Private Clubs serves to provide aspiring Clubs with models to emulate and benchmark against.