Platinum Club Categories

There are five Platinum Club of America categories for election: Country Clubs, Golf Clubs, City Clubs, Athletic Clubs and Yacht Clubs. In 2018, the number of Clubs in each category are: one hundred fifty (150) Country Clubs, fifty (50) Golf Clubs, fifty (50) City Clubs, thirty (30) Yacht Clubs and twenty (20) Athletic Clubs. In total, there are 300 Clubs that have earned the honor of being a Platinum Club of America in 2016-2018. Clubs that were voted within 5 points of elected Platinum Clubs are acknowledged as Candidates for Platinum status in 2020.

COUNTRY CLUBS are defined as full service Clubs with “Country Club” in the official name, offering a wide variety of amenities in addition to Golf, and includes Residential Communities.

GOLF CLUBS are considered facilities with “Golf Club” in the official name, offering only a golf course or courses with a Clubhouse and limited other recreational amenities.

CITY CLUBS are Clubs with “City Club” in the official name, offering business meeting and banquet rooms, member dining, athletic facilities, may provide hotel rooms and are located in city centers.

ATHLETIC CLUBS are identified as Clubs with “Athletic Club” in the official name with limited dining and meeting facilities. Other Clubs including Beach, Hunt and Racquet Clubs are included in this category.

YACHT CLUBS are Clubs with “Yacht” in the name and provide members with marina facilities, social amenities and maritime activities.

* Clubs may only be recognized in one category. The Club’s official name is the primary consideration for the appropriate category designation, unless requested by the Club and approved by the Advisory Board.