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Platinum status in the Private Club industry has been the most revered since the franchise was established in 1997 by Chairman in perpetuity, John Sibbald. Over the years, with input from the Club Leaders Forum Advisory Board, the criteria have been updated to be relevant and adapt to changing times in the industry. Platinum status is awarded in five categories: Country Clubs,Golf, City, Athletic and Yacht Clubs.

2016 – 2018 Platinum Clubs of America® Election

The election to establish the top 5% of Private Clubs of Excellence takes place in the Fall of even years and is conducted over a 90-day period. A preliminary ballot is circulated to Private Club Managers around the country who have the opportunity to nominate additional Clubs to appear on the final ballot. Once complete, the final ballot is distributed to Club Managers, Presidents and Owners of America’s finest Private Clubs. To maintain transparency and accuracy, the election is conducted by a third party and the results are certified as true and correct.

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Platinum License & Recognition Awards

Platinum Clubs of America 2019-2020 may now apply for their Platinum License to purchase Announcement Booklets and Recognition Awards from Club Leaders Forum and other Preferred Vendors. The license provides Clubs with the authority to use the Platinum Clubs of America logo, likeness and marks in all communication materials. Clubs may also create their own recognition items. Members, Managers and Club Governors are also provided benefits from the license.

How important is being Platinum?

When Jay DiPietro, legendary manager of Boca West Country Club, was asked how he feels about the benefits of being elected as a Platinum Club of America and how it is communicated to Staff, Members and Board, he beamed and displayed his signature bright smile. He excitedly said, “We are so proud of being recognized as a Platinum Club of America that not only do we proudly display the logo in all of our communications to the members, the staff and the outside world, but all of our employees adorn a Platinum Club pin on their uniform. This pin is given to every employee in their new hire orientations so they can learn about the history of the Club and what an honor it is to be recognized by your peers as a Platinum Club! Knowing how special it is to be voted a Platinum Club instills a sense of pride for the Board, Members and Staff alike. It takes the entire team to achieve this status through hard work, dedication and a strong desire to succeed and exceed our member’s expectations every time they are at the Club. We hope to keep this tradition of excellence for year’s to come.”

Jeff McFadden, General Manager of Union League of Philadelphia, simply stated, “Platinum Clubs are how Clubs are measured in the industry; it is the benchmark of excellence.”

JJ Wagner, past President of the CMAA, was asked to define Platinum status:“Platinum recognition is something all clubs should strive for, it is the most respected award in the industry. Clubs, their members, management and staff should be proud if they are acknowledged as a Platinum Club of America.”