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Royal Palm Yacht & Country Club

As Royal Palm Yacht & Country Club approaches its 60thanniversary next year, they are proud to honor their history and traditions while keeping a keen eye on the future. That future began in November 2016, when the Club opened its new Yacht Club and Marina, as part of their campus-wide Club Enhancement Project. The project has not only delivered outstanding new facilities but has helped the Club to refine their focus on the varying needs of a diverse membership. General Manager, Robin Blankhorst, said at the inception of the project that “the Club was preparing for decades to come” with facilities, services and amenities designed to meet the needs and expectations of both current and future generations of Members.

One of the highlights of the new clubhouse is a fine dining venue named “1959”, honoring the year the Club was established. This new tradition in dining offers an updated experience reminiscent of days gone by. Members enjoy tableside preparations, sommelier suggested wine selections (recognized for excellence by the CMAA International Wine Society), and finely dressed tables. While casual dining remains a nightly favorite, the club was sensitive to the needs of tenured Members looking for a traditional dining atmosphere and recognized the trend among all ages for upscale cuisine, and 1959 delivers to all. Adjacent to the lobby at the formal entrance to clubhouse, the sense of arrival and refinement elevates the entire experience.

At the other end of the spectrum, and at the other end of the clubhouse (thanks to wise logistical planning), is the Kids’ Club. Open several nights each week, this imaginative space offers something distinctly different for the Club’s youth, or Junior Palmers as they are affectionately known. Accessed via the entrance to Harbor Grille, the Club’s waterfront casual dining, the Kids’ Club is a kids-only fun zone for children ages 3-12, overseen by counselors. Mom and Dad can enjoy some time alone in the dining room while children are encouraged to express their creativity with arts and crafts, challenge their minds with the nightly riddle, or just have fun with video games and interactive activities. This engaging environment provides a great alternative for the youngest members at the Club.

Just outside is a new multi-purpose sports court designed for all ages, but especially with teens and tweens in mind. Basketball, soccer, and a variety of net games, including pickleball, offer friendly group competition or a quick game of one-on-one. Youth Activities Coordinator, Chelsea Cohen jumped at the chance to help keep the kids active and fit and has instituted Counselors vs Kids tournaments and other fun activities on the court. Royal Palm has responded to the growing youth population at the Club by developing diverse activities to engage their Members, no matter what their age.

On the Club’s website, they refer to Royal Palm as a “Club for a Lifetime.” It is a tagline born from the recognition of the many multi-generational families who enjoy Membership at the Club and continues to be a credo for the vision and future. Royal Palm Yacht & Country Club has successfully managed the merging of changing lifestyles, varied expectations and a myriad of uses to maintain a culture hallmarked by camaraderie and enjoyment. It is a testament not only to the leadership of the Club, but particularly to the Members, who embrace their traditions, but understand and appreciate the benefits of a dynamic environment enriched by varied interests.

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