Club Governance and Strategic Planning

Club Governance and Strategic Planning

Club Leaders Forum delivers a custom approach to Club Governance and Strategic Planning. This is accomplished through a series of site visits and interviews with senior management, governors and past officers of the Club, to gain an in-depth understanding of past and present operations and challenges. The philosophy of excellence in Strategic Planning involves Club Leadership, Members, Management and Staff. During the process the local market is studied, national trends incorporated and the demographic compilation of the membership considered. Strategic Plans do not include “boiler plate” content and each plan is delivered in long form and in an Executive Summary. Direction in Club Governance is tailored to the current structure of the Club, improved and modified with the introduction to “Best Practices” in Club Governance relevant to today’s finest Private Clubs.

  • A tailored approach for your Club

  • A comprehensive process from inception to completion

  • Governing and strategic planning in today’s world for the future

“Club Leaders Forum possesses a rare knowledge in all aspects of the Club business and brings an informative and creative approach to strategic planning and club governance.”

Jeff McFadden
General Manager
The Union League of Philadelphia

Strategic Planning – A Custom Approach

  • Review of past Strategic Plans and Initiatives
  • Meetings with Club Leadership and Senior Management
  • Refine Mission and Vision Statements
  • Establish Goals and Objectives
  • SWOT analysis
  • Identify the Challenges for the Future
  • Member Demographics
  • The National Private Club Industry overview
  • Customized process for Member input
  • Each department evaluated as a standalone business
  • Staff roles in the Strategic Planning process
  • Financial Overview
  • Projected Capital Budgets
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Committee Meetings and Presentations
  • Review of Golf Course, Clubhouse and Facility Renovations
  • Communicating the plan to the Membership 
  • Strategic Goals and Action Plan

Club Governance – Effective Leadership

  • Roles and Responsibilities of Governors and Board
  • Term Limits
  • Board Orientation
  • Nomination Process
  • Election of Officers
  • Role of the CEO/COO/General Manager
  • Club Committee Structure
  • Roles and responsibilities of Committees
  • Review Bylaws and Club Rules
  • Succession Planning
  • Financial Controls
  • Master Planning
  • Funding Capital Requirements
  • Strategic Planning and Initiatives
  • Board Audits

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