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Club Leaders Forum

Club Leaders Forum has been the “go-to” source for industry professionals for nearly 30 years. Club Leaders Forum has published The FORUM for two decades, featuring countless articles and priceless information provided by some of the most respected figures in the business. Long before today’s firms were supplying data for Clubs to manage at the Board and senior level, Club Leaders Forum published annual compensation and benefit reports. Other valuable information to improve Management and Club Leadership has been the hallmark of this respected organization.

The FORUM is published in electronic form in the Spring and Fall. Guest writers accompany industry experts and distribute the most Relevant, Informative and Creative information on operations and happenings in the industry. Platinum Clubs® that secure a Platinum License receive complimentary copies of The FORUM. Clubs that do not achieve Platinum status have the opportunity to subscribe. Club Managers and Platinum Clubs® are spotlighted in The FORUM. Leaders of the finest Private Clubs around the world share expert insights and opinions.

Club Leaders Forum offers a wide variety of products and services that range from Self-Audits to full Club Assessments. The Club Assessments are performed by hand-selected experts who are knowledgeable in the demands of Platinum Club recognition.

The cornerstone of Club Leaders Forum is Platinum Clubs®. Club Leaders Forum conducts the survey to select the Platinum Clubs® of America in every even year; the next listing is for the class of 2021-22. Platinum Clubs® of the World, launched in 2013, is published in each odd year; the latest listing was published in Fall 2019.

The initial Platinum Clubs® of America were selected by a nationwide survey of Club Managers and Club Presidents in 1997. The Platinum Club rankings are the most respected listing in the Private Club industry and have been endorsed by corporate leaders of Excellence in Private Clubs. The Advisory Board has revised the Seven Selection Criteria for Club Managers, Presidents and Owners to use as a guide during the election process. These criteria are relevant and current to today’s trends in the Private Club industry.

Only the top 5% of Private Clubs in America earn Platinum status. The points system used results in the most credible and deserving recognition of Platinum Clubs® of America. For more information please refer to the Platinum Clubs® of America website or contact us.