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Using the Platinum Clubs® of the World License and Logo


Elected Clubs that would like to use the name, logo and likeness of Platinum Clubs® of the World in collateral materials, on websites or for other uses, must purchase a Platinum License. Clubs purchasing the License from Club Leaders Forum will be provided the file to suite of Logos in several formats.

The License fee is $3,750 and provides the Club with unlimited use of the name, logo and likeness for a two-year period. Clubs recognized by Platinum Clubs® of the World may also purchase and display merchandise directly from the official suppliers. Current Platinum Clubs® of America Licensees may acquire a Platinum Clubs of the World License for $2,250.
Licensees will receive a framed customized crested tapestry plaque to display in their Club and a subscription to The FORUM, published by Club Leaders Forum biannually in the Spring and Fall exclusively for leaders in the Private Club industry.

2015 brough the latest innovation in domain names. Platinum Clubs® of the World Licensees, may select a .GOLF domain name as a benefit of the Platinum Club License. This does not have to replace an existing domain (e.g. .COM or .ORG). Read more about .GOLF and other new domain endings here.

crested_tapestry_plaqueA Platinum Clubs® of the World License includes:

  • Handcrafted Crested Custom Tapestry Plaque
  • Eight (8) 2015 Platinum Clubs® of the World Announcement Booklets
  • Subscription to the Club Leaders Forum biannual Newsletter, The FORUM – Fall/Autumn and Spring Edition each year (4 issues)
  • Complimentary club.GOLF Domain name (upon availability)
  • Invitation to the 2016 two-day Platinum Club Manager and President Retreat
  • Invitation to the 2017 Excellence in Platinum Clubs Event at the CMAA Conference.
  • Access to the Online Discussion Forum designed to communicate with other Platinum Clubs and their Department Heads.

Use of the logo, name or likeness without the purchase of a License is strictly prohibited. To apply for a Platinum Clubs® of the World License, please complete the License Application below