Top 100 Platinum City Clubs of the World 2020-21

Platinum Clubs of the World 2020-21

Since the inaugural election and introduction of the City Club category to Platinum Clubs of the World, City Clubs have included Platinum recognition and the Seven Selection Criteria as a benchmark in their Strategic Planning process. The Platinum City Clubs of the World 2020-21 are listed alphabetically and represent the finest Clubs in the world that demonstrate Excellence in all aspects of their operation. These Clubs exercise consummate management practices under the direction of consistent and prudent governance.

Platinum Clubs of America

Top 100 Platinum City Clubs

Honorable Mention

The following City Clubs were within three points of the Top 100 and are awarded an Honorable Mention for 2020-21. The Honorable Mention recipients narrowly missed earning Platinum Club status this year. These clubs are encouraged to observe the Selection Criteria, welcome Panelists to visit their clubs and set a goal of Platinum recognition in 2022.