2017 Platinum Clubs of the World

The 2017 Platinum Clubs® of the World vote takes place this October. Elected Clubs will represent the standard of Excellence for the finest Private Golf and Country Clubs around the globe. Utilizing the Platinum Clubs of the World Six Criteria, the Platinum Clubs® of the World Panel (comprised of over 100 Private Club industry experts and golf connoisseurs) will complete their confidential Ballot consisting of 685 Clubs from 58 Countries over a 30-day period.

Club Leaders Forum have conducted the pre-eminent recognition of Private Clubs in America for over 20 years – Platinum Clubs® of America. This will be the third biennial election for Platinum Clubs® of the World, which has established a position of great respect throughout the elite Private Clubs around the globe.

The Top 100 Clubs who receive the most points will be awarded Platinum Clubs® of the World status.  The next 75 Clubs who receive the most votes will be listed alphabetically and will be considered strong candidates for Platinum Clubs® of the World recognition in 2019.

New for 2017 City Clubs of the World

Since the inception of Platinum Clubs of America, City Clubs have been elected and awarded Platinum status. A City Club is defined as a Club with dining and meeting facilities with a private membership. Some also offer athletic facilities and accommodations along with a number of other social, recreational and business amenities. The Advisory Board made modifications to the selection criteria for City Clubs this summer. In the first election of City Clubs, the Top 100 Clubs will be published in alphabetical order with 25 candidates for the 2019 election.

View the 2015 Platinum Clubs® of the World

The 2015 Platinum Clubs® of the World includes such famed institutions as Augusta National Golf Club, The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews, Royal Melbourne Golf Club, Sunningdale Golf Club and Tokyo Golf Club.

There are several newer Clubs that received Platinum acknowledgement in 2015 including: Shanqin Bay Golf Club (China) Queenwood Golf Club (England) and Haesley Nine Bridges (South Korea). Despite having relatively short histories, Yas Links Abu Dhabi (UAE), The Madison Club (USA) and Ayodhya Links (Thailand) have also established themselves as Clubs operating with Excellence and are deservedly recognized as Platinum Clubs® of the World.

Congratulations to the 2015 Top 100 Platinum Clubs® of the World and the 75 Candidates for Platinum status in 2017.