The Seven Platinum Club of America Selection Criteria

The Seven Selection Criteria for Platinum Clubs of America are recommended, frequently reviewed and approved by the Club Leaders Forum Advisory Board. Club General Managers, Presidents and Owners are asked to consider the Criteria when casting their votes. The following form the benchmark of Excellence in the Private Club Industry.

  1. Universal Recognition
    The finest clubs in the nation are recognized as such by members of a well-traveled American and global society that frequent Private Clubs. Whether recognized from inception or through the accumulated passage of time, these clubs are set apart as domiciles of excellence for their traditional history, their ability to attract and retain exceptional members and the experience they deliver.
  2. Excellence in Amenities and Facilities
    It is the complete array of amenities and facilities that provides excellence and fulfillment of the members’ needs in every function and activity that makes it great. Remarkable Clubs ensure that their amenities and facilities remain relevant. There is commitment to invest on a regular and planned basis in maintenance, supervision and replacement of the grounds, equipment and furnishings. America’s finest clubs evaluate the benefits of developing new, and repurposing existing amenities and facilities while building reserves.
  3. Caliber of Staff and Professional Service Levels
    A maxim of the finest clubs remains, ‘ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen with mutual respect’. Clubs who attract outstanding employees in the community are known to provide an excellent work environment, unique culture and leading compensation and benefits. Employees are a Club’s most important asset, and personal and professional growth is encouraged. The quality of management is reflected by a staff that is well trained, well-mannered and highly motivated to provide an extraordinary experience for their members.
  4. Quality and Committment of Membership
    Great members are the custodians and heart and soul of the most respected and successful clubs. Members who represent the best qualities are those that reflect the values of the community in which they live. They celebrate their heritage and faithfully observe their time-honored traditions. Responsible members preserve the Club’s legacy by perpetuating the institution to provide for the next generation of Members. They also work hard to attract prospective new members who share the same values and commitments.
  5. Governance and Prudent Fiscal Management
    The nation’s finest clubs are venerable institutions. They are governed by presidents, owners and directors who understand that their key role is to strategically set policies. Leaders are goal-driven, they allow management to manage and are not influenced by personal agendas. High-caliber boards work diligently term after term to ensure continuity of effort and direction with efficient succession planning. They possess the wisdom to plan well and invest well. Prudent boards understand the need for regular dues increases and occasional assessments, while maintaining fiscal responsibility.
  6. Adapting to Changing Times
    Change moves at a greater pace every year. Clubs must effect changes for tomorrow’s member while preserving the Club’s integrity and experience for today’s core member. Great Clubs work at anticipating the needs and interests of their members and prospective members. These Clubs adopt a mission statement that resonates with members and defines the Club’s principles, which are supported by a strategic plan to achieve the goals. Great clubs are able to maintain traditions and remain flexible to adapt to members’ ever-changing demands and expectations.
  7. Overall Experience
    Clubs of Excellence provide an ‘Unparalleled Experience’ every day, one member at a time, and display exceptional governance. They are committed to making decisions in the best interests of their members and those serving them. Best practices are consistently observed and frequently refined. America’s finest clubs encourage staff to take initiative and support their efforts to deliver outstanding service. Remarkable clubs continue to treasure their shared experience, celebrate their achievements and appreciate one another, like family.